Irrigation Plans

The weekly plan allows your irrigation system to work on a daily basis 365 days of the year. By default, this plan will first be shown on the ii.ri app at the first time you connect it to the controller. It is possible to add up to 6 irrigation cycles per day. For each cycle you will need to set the desired start hour and the length of irrigation

Weekly Plan 01
Weekly Plan 02

Programming Steps

  • Plan Name – The “New Plan” name can be modified, by slightly touching it, the smartphone keyboard will scroll up, and the cursor will appear. You can then edit the name as desired. The plan name will be editable at any time you touch back the “New Plan” option.
  • Week days selection – Under each week day abbreviation name, there is a drop icon. By slightly touching it, the selected drop icon will change from “empty” to “full”. The full drop icons indicate the days of the week selected for irrigation.
  • Add start – as explained at the beginning of this chapter, the ii.ri app allows up to 6 daily irrigation cycles. By default, the app will show only one (Start 1). There are two parameters to be set for each cycle. Starting time and Duration.
  • Start – this parameter determines the exact hour that the ii.ri smartphone operated irrigation controller will start the watering. The ii.ri allows you to set time in Hours and Minutes as shown in the figure below.

    Weekly Plan 03

  • Duration – this specification determines the exact time for the watering cycle to run. It allows to set it up within Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

    Weekly Plan 04

  • Hour format – it is possible to set the starting time for watering from “00 to 23” when the time format has been set to hrs or from “00 to 11” when the time format has been set to AM/PM. For further details in of time format options, please refer to chapters 4.3 and 4.4 “TIME FORMAT and LANGUAGE”.

  • When you have finished setting the Week Days irrigation plan, click “” to save the plan. It is possible to save as many plans as required. The plans will be saved on the smartphone memory where the ii.ri app is installed

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