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Getting started with your simple but sophisticated irrigation controller and App

Step 1

Set your plan on your ii.ri smartphone App

Step 2

Connect your smartphone App to your ii.ri controller with a simple click

Step 3

Choose your watering plan and start watering

big faqFrequently Asked Questions

How do I install the ii.ri?

The ii.ri is easy to install, however, it is requested to follow carefully the installation instructions warnings in order to avoid any damage of the device and/or harm your hands. Make sure to firmly install the valve and identify the upstream and downstream ports of the valve prior to installation. Do not apply extreme force to clamp the IIRI controller to the valve port on upper side of the valve. Excessive clamping force may damage the thread or even brake the plastics.

Can I install the ii.ri on an existing valve?

The IIRI is suitable to be installed in a valve range from 1/8” up to 2”, the ii.ri connection port features a UNEF ¾” thread, it means it can be installed on any valve that features this same port. In case the port is different, it is possible to use adaptors, For more information, please contact us cs@ii-ri.com

How do I install the ii.ri app on my smartdevice?

The IIRI app is available in APPLE STORE and GOOGLE PLAY, it is free and public. In order to pair the smartphone with the IIRI controller it is mandatory to install the app.

The app can be downloaded by scanning the following QR’s, or visiting our website at www.ii-ri.com

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How do I get started?

The app main screen is simple and self-explanatory, it allows you to configure the main parameters of the IIRI controller following intuitive steps.

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How can I set and/or modify the time format in the ii.ri app?

The ii.ri app automatically synchronize the time and date from the phone. Therefore, there is no need to set up the time and date once the app has been installed.

The time and date will be also automatically synchronized at the ii.ri controller each time the smartphone links with the controller.

However, after installing the app, it is recommended to set up the desired time format. There are two options for this purpose: AM/PM and 24HS.

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How do I change the language?

The default language of the app is English, however, it is possible to configure the app in different languages. Setting up the desired language is quite simple. On the main app screen touch the line-up dots, a small window will scroll down, after touching the “language” option list of available languages will be shown, select the best option as desired.

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How do I turn OFF the ii.ri controller?

By default, the ii.ri controller is supplied in OFF condition in order to save battery energy. When the IIRI controller is OFF the colors of the screen are different as shown in the picture below.

Page 4 Image 15

In order to turn it ON, it is requested to touch the SWITCH icon on the top right, then the colors on the screen will change as follow:

Page 4 Image 14

How many irrigation plans the ii.ri has?

The IIRI smartphone irrigation controller features four different built-in plans that address most of the automatic irrigation necessities.

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How do I program the ii.ri?

The IIRI smartphone operated irrigation controller is simple and intuitive for programming, nevertheless it requires a minimum training to get familiarized with it. Please follow these rules to shorten the process.

Can I control the ii.ri manually?

Yes. The ii.ri smartphone operated irrigation controller can be operated manually at any time after pairing it with the smartphone, regardless the irrigation plan applied on the controller.

To operate the controller manually, press the drop icon located on the left bottom of the screen. If the drop icon is empty, it means the valve is closed, if the drop icon changes to fill up color it means the valve is open.

The Manual function operates the valve for the irrigation duration defined in the program, it will automatically close at the end of the irrigation duration.

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How can I switch between irrigation plans?

In order to switch the watering plan installed in the IIRI controller, first pair devices and link the controller with the app.

Make sure that the controller is “ON”. Then, proceed to press the “SWITCH PLAN” icon on the bottom right side of the screen.

Page 7 Image 22

This action will allow you to choose the desired watering plan saved in “MY PLANS” options, or to write a new plan by accessing the “NEW PLAN” option.

Page 7 Image 23


A filter must be installed in the upstream part of the valve and cleaned twice a year. Operating the valve without a filter may lead to faulty functioning.

Recommended water line pressure: 1 to 8 ATM (bar)

Which type of battery the ii.ri controller uses?

The ii.ri energy source complies one standard CR123 battery type, already supplied with the controller. The battery is located inside the controller body and safely protected by a top cover. The battery supplied with the IIRI is exchangeable, please refrain to change the battery unless a “LOW BATTERY” alert has been shown on the smartphone screen.

How can I change the battery in the ii.ri controller?

In case the “LOW BATTERY” alert has appeared after pairing the IIRI with the smartphone, changing the battery is mandatory. During the battery exchanging process, note that the IIRI will not erase existing data in the memory.

To change the battery, insert a coin in the top battery cover groove and turn it clockwise gently until it is released from the internal self-locking notches. See figure below.


Then, proceed to take out the battery by turning upwards the controller or extract it with your fingers. Do not introduce metal tools onto the gap between battery and inner wall. The electronic systems inside the controller may be damaged.

Make sure to introduce the new battery correctly, the “+” nipple must always be upwards. Faulty battery installation may harm the electronics in the controller.

After the new battery has been introduced back and correct onto the body cavity, close it gently by turning clockwise the battery upper cover with the coin. Applying too much torque may damage the plastic groove.


The valve does not open during automatic operation Low Battery Pair the smartphone with the ii.ri controller and check battery status In case the battery is totally empty, the controller will not open the valve
  Plan parameters Pair the smartphone with the controller and check the watering plan parameters  
The valve does not open during manual operation Low Battery Change the battery and pair the smartphone with the ii.ri again  
Delay time to pair between IIRI controller and smartphone Sometimes the pairing process take long time and connection is lost Wait for 60 secs, press the top button and try it again.  
Wireless BLE connection error Communication interferences Close the app, wait for one (1) minute and try to pair devices again For energy saving purpose, the IIRI app will automatically disconnect after 5 minutes
The IIRI controller does not appear on the app Communication interferences Wait for two (2) minutes and repeat the process Pressing the button on top cover will wake up the controller. It will take less than 2 sec. to show the name of the controller on the smartphone screen.
Minimum Watering Duration The minimum duration between for the valve to open or close is 10 secs Adjust parameters accordingly  
Maximum Watering Duration The maximum watering duration is 23:59:00 (11:59:00PM) Adjust parameters accordingly  
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What the ii.rii is?

The ii.ri is standalone smartphone operated irrigation controller with wireless operation capability and internal battery operated.

Is there any communication limitation with th ii.ri controller?

  • Wireless BLE.
  • Smartphone requirements - iOS 7 or Android V4.3
  • In case your smartphone features a lower BT version, you may experience low performance or communication errors.

Thumb Rules for Programming

  • It is recommended to define the irrigation areas by using the sketch provided at page 21. It will facilitate an easy and fast implementation of the irrigation plans in the controller.
  • The IIRI smartphone operated irrigation controller can actuate one valve each time, therefore, one controller shall be used for each irrigation area.
  • There is no need to connect the IIRI smartphone operated irrigation controller to the smartphone during the programming process.
  • The irrigation parameters depends on the type of field crops, flowers, trees, etc and may vary depending the seasons.
  • The IIRI smartphone operated irrigation controller it is self-energized by an internal battery, is does not require any additional wiring or power supply.
  • The IIRI app must be installed and running on the smartphone. Please refer to “IIRI APPLICATION DESCRIPTION” in chapter 4 for further details regarding app download and installation.
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